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Meet Miss Lang's 1st grade class!


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Hi guys! Sorry for delay, we had to wait for parents to send in all the consent forms but here we are!

10% of every purchase from these months went towards buying classroom + school supplies for kids in American Samoa. More specifically Miss Lang’s 1st grade class!

Other than just dropping off school supplies we also wanted to help Tufa (Miss Lang) clean and set up her classroom before the school year started. While we were cleaning we were trying to figure out what to paint on the walls. After a while we decided to write little affirmations and encouragements for the kids like “I am smart, creative, unique, loved, important, kind, strong, etc.” We did this because we know that it’s common in our culture to speak into other peoples lives even if its in a negative way and kids aren’t always sheltered from this, so it was important to us that we had these up on the walls to remind them of their worth, their potential, and to be loving towards their classmates.

During the first week of school I went in to paint with the kids so they could use some of the goodies we got them, their little paint kits were their favorite so far, and while I was there they went through their daily affirmations and it was so sweet to see their confidence while doing this. It was only the fourth day of school but they had it down!! (video below)

Teachers all over like Miss Lang are working day in and day out teaching our kids not only their regular curriculum but also how to love themselves and the people around them. So much love and patience is required to do what they do but I’m so grateful for teachers like her and the way they are molding our future in a positive way through these kids and am happy to help in any way possible.

So for those of you that shared the website or supported through buying THANK YOU. It’s because of you that little things like this can happen and whether its big or small you are making an impact!

For the months of September + October we’ll be giving to Hope House which is housing for the elderly and those with special needs in American Samoa.

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